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    Gangzhou Chenrui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Set R&D, production, sales, service and so on as one. Dedicated to the development and innovation of automation machinery and equipment, electronic design, high precision instruments and laboratory construction and ***** fields, the company now has Chenrui Automation Machinery Equipment Department and Chenrui Instruments Division.
    Chenrui Intelligent Instrument Division is committed to the research and development and production of testing instruments for medical and health supplies, food and drug packaging, printing, ink, glue and ***** aspects. The products are strictly in accordance with ISO9001, GB/T, QB/T and ***** standards. The main products are: Bacteria filtration efficiency test instrument, particle filtration efficiency tester, ******** oxide residues tester, masks, breathing resistance tester, pressure difference and ventilation resistance of synthetic blood penetration tester, masks and performance tester, leak test, preprocessing test chamber, aging test chamber, tension tester, sealing machine, the friction coefficient, sealing machine, heat sealing machine, oxygen transmittance meter, water vapor transmittance meter, ********** compressive tensile testing machine, carton, carton drop machine, cardboard puncture tester, ink, wear-resisting, spectral density meter, disk stripping machine, roof pressure instrument, tear strength tester, and ***** materials tensile machine and so on. Instrument division devoted to plastic, rubber, *******, electronics, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, textile, clothing, non-woven fabric, man-made board, wire and cable industry such as research and development and production of the testing instrument, with good quality and high quality service, not only for domestic enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities to provide products and services, at the same time are exported to India, southeast Asia, South America, North America, Australia, eu, etc.
    Automation equipment department independent research and development, production of tea extraction machine, coffee machine, fructose machine and ***** products. After continuous research and innovation, automation equipment department and «tae benefit» tea close cooperation, developed a series of suitable for tea, water bar, fast drink, coffee ****, milk tea **** and ***** industries equipment. With strict internal quality supervision and management system and a strong scientific research team, to provide customers with quality products and services. Wish to grow and seek common development with the personnel inside and outside the industry! Chen wisdom can not only has a strong product research and development team, but also has a strict internal quality supervision system and a service team with industry expertise. We will continue to ****** to the «quality is the core, service for development» purpose, to the international level of quality service industry, with quality service to the world!Vacuum Leak Testing System factory

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