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    Machine Details:
    Metal curing furnace is a kind of metal solid solution treatment, which refers to the heat treatment process in which aluminum gold workpieces are solid solution treated, cold plastic deformed or cast, forged, placed at a ****** temperature or kept at a constant temperature, and their properties, shapes, and dimensions change with time. In aluminum alloys, it was found that the hardness of this alloy was not high after quenching, but after a period of time at room temperature, the hardness increased significantly. This phenomenon was later called precipitation hardening. This discovery has aroused great interest in the engineering community. Later, people have discovered that some can be strengthened by aging treatment.
    Machine Features:
    1. Easy Installation and Operation.
    2. Low cost and energy saving.
    3. Faster Heating.
    4. Circulating Heating Fan,Uniform Temperature.
    TAIYI Machine Details:Industrial Oven suppliers

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