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    Product name: Outdoor Connectable Patio Decorative Lighting
    Light head count: 10
    Material: plastic/copper
    Light source type: LED
    Power source: connectable聽solar panel
    Color: black
    If you are looking for a decorative lamp that can create a warm ********** and has high brightness lighting in your garden, this outdoor connectable patio decorative lighting must be your ideal solution. It can provide a flame like lighting effect, and it is composed of 10 bulbs 50 cm apart, with replaceable wick inside. The 3m lead allows you to cover a large range of its installation. If the wick inside it breaks after long-term use, you can replace it with a spare wick and continue to use it normally. In addition, we operate the production process in strict accordance with international standards, so the quality of each product is trustworthy.
    This outdoor connectable patio decorative lighting is equipped with connectable strings and solar panels. The connectable string allows you to connect multiple products in series to provide a wider range of decoration; Solar panels can fully absorb solar energy during the day and provide power for long-term lighting at night. The product is very durable because each bulb has a transparent shell and a thick black cover, both of which can effectively prevent breakage and ensure a long service life of the product. We have established strict quality control standards from the selection of raw materials to the testing of finished products before packaging, so you can buy our products with confidence.China Decorative Lighting

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