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    Our History
    Hunan Yuanheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Changsha City, Hunan. Yuanheng is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of cooling tower and central air-conditioning, with advanced technology and outstanding performance in energy-saving, water-saving cooling towers, energy-saving central air-conditioning heat pump, building energy-saving services and ***** fields.
    Our Factory
    Yuanheng now owns Energy Conservation Technology Park in ******** town near Changsha City, Lu’an cooling tower production base in ***** Province, with an annual output capacity of 2 million tons of cooling towers, 200 sets of central air conditioning heat pumps.
    Our Product
    Cooling tower, air energy water-water heat pump related technology research and development, production and sales.
    Product Application
    Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, petrochemical and ***** chemical plants, brewing factories, ******* power stations, and HVAC systems for cooling data centers, energy stations, district cooling hospitals, transportation stations, commercial ******** malls etc.
    Our Certificate
    The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHS18001 occupational Health and safety management system certification, and safety production standardization level ii enterprise certification. The products have obtained CTI certification from the United States, China water saving product certification, China energy saving product certification, China Cooling Association CCTI certification. The company has applied for patent protection for its main technologies, devices and products. At present, it has more than 120 patents ********** and participated in the preparation of 4 national standards.
    Production Equipment
    The factories have the machines of Plasma cutting machines, lathe, presses, Portable CNC plasma cutting machines, Flat steel Angle flange forming machine, Test control cabinets, Band sawing machines, Full electric servo CNC turret punch press, Automatic high speed blister forming machines, CNC C steel molding machine, CNC flat steel punching and cutting machine, CNC ****** drill, CNC feeding platforms, NC intersecting line plasma cutting machine, Microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, Radial drilling machines, Semi-automatic flame cutting machine, Hydraulic press (31.5 pa), Central air-conditioning system, Test system for Chillers and cooling towers, Dust removal system, Automatic round steel straightening and cutting machine, CO2 gas welders, and bridge cranes.
    Product Markets
    Yuanheng cooling tower, chiller and etc products and services have been provided to Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Singapore, Sudan, Tunisia, India, Fiji, Nigeria, New Zealand, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, Jamaica, Barbados, Belarus, Cambodia and ***** countries and regions
    Our Services
    With our Research & Development team support, we can select and design suitable cooling towers, heat pumps and chillers according to different application for different customers.
    To maintain the stable quality and good working performance of cooling towers, heat pumps and chillers, from the beginning of sourcing raw material, parts and components, we adopt strict sourcing standard, during the production process, we adopt standard SOP to produce every piece; Before exit factory, we carried out full inspection of each piece, now with all these measures, we ensure that each product meets the design requirements and is in good condition without defects.
    All our main products have achieved international approvals or standards required, some indicators are even ****** than domestic and international standards. We have professional sales to ensure your inquiry will be treated within 12 hours. Our team will serve for you from the beginning of your source to the very end of performance after products installed and commissioning.
    Please kindly inform us which items you are interested, and the best price will be provided you upon ******* of your new enquiry ASAP. Please kindly inform us what the requirements of the project are? We will offer targeted programs and competitive quotations. Any questions about more items, please feel free to contact us.China Package Type Cross Flow Open Circuit Cooling Tower manufacturers

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